29 November 2016

Design (UPDATED)

This is the design that I'm selling as digital download with standard printing resolution of 300 dpi in JPEG format.

I'm taking folklore and mythical creatures as my design inspiration. The theme Sprite is the first one I'm taking. There'll be more Sprite here after. They are one of my favorite creatures after all. There's always something exciting to discover about them.

Contact me through e-mail for details such as price, etc if you're interested.

Poisonlolly's design


Send e-mail if you have interest to buy with subject 'Digital File' or my friends won't respond. They'll have a product page set up for you on Gumroad and give the link only to you. For files set up on Gumroad prices are below $600 (types of artwork are similar to above photo). Email and Skype response are faster.