17 November 2013

Azrael, The Angel Of Death

Azrael, The Angel Of Death ©Poisonlolly
Azrael, The Angel Of Death 
A4 Acid free paper 160gsm, pen (waterproof)

Depicting from the image of Azrael, The Angel of Death. It is said that he has 4000 wings and body fills with eyes and tongues. But here I drew only 8 pair of wings. I still have 3 version more to go for Azrael collection and each version maybe different from one another.

Before you contact me please read some points below :
  1. Please be sure that you're really interested and want to buy my original work becasuse it's not returnable. I'm not an online store.
  2. Time of delivery take up to 7 - 14 days.
  3. Tracking code will be given (FedEx/UPS/DHL)
  4. Please guarantee that you're giving me your correct complete address. If I ever should resend the artwork, you'll be charge for the second shipping.

The condition of the artwork :
  1. Unframed/Unmatted and will be send in flat
  2. The artwork is not varnish to prove its authenticity. However, if you'd like to varnish to preserve it please choose a spray varnish/fixative/sealants that's permanent and consist of UV lightning protection. Don't forget to follow the instruction on the can.
I don't always have original art to provide for your home collection. Each year I'll only create 4 max.
Always update yourself with the working process and when will the new artwork be available for you on my twitter account.

Please only contact me via email if you really want to buy. Do be patient because I do everything myself.