22 August 2013

Canvas Paper Texture

In my artwork Bruises You Left Behind I wrote that I use canvas paper. Many people ask me why do you use canvas because it's not friendly for most pen and ink work. This post is for those of you who are not familiar with canvas paper.

Canvas paper is not the same with canvas sheets that its mandatory use is for painting. Canvas paper is a paper but with canvas texture on one side. Usually come in pads, while canvas sheets sometimes comes in roll. Canvas paper has a lot smoother surface that makes it easier to apply for pen and ink. We should thanks the inventor  for this.

You don't need to apply based material first. Just apply directly but with patience. Patience is important or you'll get nowhere with this type of paper. And also, if you want to use needle point pen such as Rotring, try as much as possible not to pierce to deep or you'll hurt the surface of the paper. Gently.

Below is a video of my canvas paper in pad. And one of the artwork that use this paper.