17 November 2011

Bruises You Left Behind

Pen and Chinese Ink Stick on 9 × 12 inch Canvas Textured Paper

Bruises you left behind is about domestic violence. It happens to a child, a woman or a man. This kind of violence never chose its victim like any other violence. This work is a special dedication for people who had experienced it.

I wouldn't dare to talk about this if I didn't experience it myself, it was a very long and tiring emotional journey.

Somewhere along the way I met friends who had the same past. They taught me how not to be angry anymore. They convinced me not all people fills with hate. It's never easy to learn to trust other people but you have to start again somewhere or life will never go on.

So if you think there's nobody left to love you, the only one who must love you is yourself.That can be your good start.

If only I could wish, I hope lessen children will experience it.